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Dr. Vijay Agrawal (Our Medical Specialist)

Dr. Vijay Agarwal did his MBBS and post-graduation from Grant Medical College, and Sir J. J. Hospital, Mumbai
During his medical practice, he saw many patients with uncontrolled diabetes, complications of diabetes, suffering and dying an untimely death.
He knew that if their diabetes is controlled, they can live a healthier, happier and longer life.
He has a keen interest in treatment of patients with lifestyle disorders.


GBD aims to empower people of all ages to take control of their lives and manage diabetes through a balanced lifestyle without depending heavily on medications,and eventually live without medicines and injections,forever.. We achieve this aim by conducting regular blood tests and health check-ups to assess the improvement in your overall health. With the help of these reports, we create a program that suits your health and will target your body’s insulin resistance,and nutrient deficiencies . As a result, your body regains its strength and agility,and perfect health, which would have otherwise been affected by diabetes.


GBD’s mission is to reach out to as many people as possible and to spread the awareness that diabetes can be managed effectively and it doesn’t necessarily need heavy medications to be controlled,prevented,and cured forever.Our team hopes to help more people restructure their lifestyles to effectively combat diabetes. In doing so, our mission is to grow as an organization on a national and global level so that a disease that affects a huge population of the world can be managed by people in an effective manner.

Our Specialty

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder. Most people suffering from this health condition have ignored the basics of a healthy lifestyle which involves healthy eating, exercise and strengthening your mental and spiritual self. We place ourselves as trainers, mentors and medical advisors who help you reverse diabetes by restructuring your lifestyle and by encouraging you to continue a lifestyle that promotes good health.

1. We believe in holistic healing

Unlike most diabetic treatment programs, our specialty lies not only in the confidence we have in our program but in the way we approach diabetic treatment. By focusing on restructuring your lifestyle on all levels, we bring about a change which ensures that your body achieves a perfect balance.

2. Experience helps us succeed in our approach

Every member in our team is an experienced professional of their speciality.Collectively we have spent several years researching, studying and understanding the effects of medicines, exercise, diet and mental health in diabetes. This has helped us minutely understand how diabetes can be reversed and approach diabetes reversal on multiple levels.

3. We help you defeat diabetes through attainable goals

Most of our clients come to us with the thought that diabetes cannot be treated or cured.This is because they have either gone through extensive medication or heard of extreme methods that they cannot apply in their daily lives. But at GBD, that is not the case.We defeat diabetes by setting up realistic goals which can be achieved on a daily basis.

4. We structure our program with our patients at the core.

Our diabetic treatment programs have you at the center of the design. Every program is carefully tailored to be made suitable for the person undergoing the treatment. We look at the mental, physical and physiological changes that they may experience when they are diagnosed with diabetes. The program focuses on eliminating the mental stress and anxiety, which is often associated with diabetes. And then we look at the root of the problem identifying how your lifestyle affects the blood sugar levels in your body. This is how we are able to help more patients combat diabetes more successfully. This is a specialty which makes us stand out in the field of diabetes treatment and gives us an edge over other treatment programs.

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