Stop/Decrease your medicinal and insulin needs*
Lose weight scientifically
Live healthier and longer too
Enjoy eating your favourite sweets
Save money on health and medical bills
Thousands of people have benefitted from Diabetes Reversal Programs

About GBD

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder. Most people suffering from this health condition have ignored the basics of a healthy lifestyle which involves healthy eating, exercise and strengthening your mental and spiritual self. We place ourselves as trainers, mentors and medical advisors who help you reverse diabetes by restructuring your lifestyle and by encouraging you to continue a lifestyle that promotes good health.

What You Can Expect?

1. You can decrease/stop your injections & medicines

2. Normal blood sugar levels

3. Scientific weightloss

4. Live longer, healthier and happier life

5. Feel younger and stronger

6. You can enjoy the dishes you eat, and eat sweets too

7. Get freedom from medicines for high BP and cholesterol

8. Relief in cases of PCOD and hypothyroidism

Our Services

Dietary Plan

The right diet adjusts all nutrients in a way that you can enjoy variety in your diet and at the same time, you can minimize any damage done to your health.

Medical Assistance

Regular blood checks, health check-ups and glucose readings are used to alter medication so that you do not have to take any more or any less medicines than required.


GBD’s instructors help you complement your diet and medicines with a graded exercise routine that helps you strengthen your body and release anxiety and tension from the body.

Psycho-spiritual healing

Weakness on the inside can greatly reduce your ability to strengthen yourself or recover through medicines alone. This is why our holistic approach towards diabetes reversal involves psycho-spiritual healing to gain overall strength.

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